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Mauve Granite
Mauve Granite has a great color variation of black, coral, white. The play of the lights makes crystalizes particles sparkle and granite shine. The light tones of the granite give you more options when decorating your vanity area. In addition, the natural granite has a timeless look to keep up with any life events. Mauve granite brings an elegant and classic style to any bathroom. The color pattern is unique and brings out the room's style. This light granite will look great with darker cabinetry to make the room lighter and roomier. The granite has a smooth finish, it also comes with pre-installed ceramic sink and 4” back splash.

Baltic Brown Granite

With its rich colors Baltic Brown will transfer your bathroom to a new level. It is easy to decorate around in modern, classic, elegant etc., styles. This granite vanity top comes with pre-installed ceramic sink and 4” back splash. To make your bathroom look even more stylish you may add side splash. The granite is very easy to clean and it will serve you and your family during any life events. Baltic Brown granite vanity top has a beautiful pattern of black, brown and tan colors. The crystal particles and the glossy surface makes granite shine during any light changes. With these elegant color patterns you can decorate your vanity area in any style and Baltic Brown granite will make a great and lasting addition to your bathroom.

Tan Brown Granite
The tan, brown, black, white, gray colors are present in the Tan Brown Granite Vanity Top. They bring majestic look to any vanity room. Gray and crystal particles make the granite have a sparkle touch. Smooth glossy surface makes this top last in its natural state during any life’s events. A very fashionable look Tan Brown granite will bring to any home. The great color pattern brings out the best on any bathroom. This granite would look amazing with rich color shades of the cabinets. It comes with pre-installed ceramic sink and 4” back splash. If you prefer for your home to look even more neater and modest you may choose to add side splash for nicer look.

White Marble Vanity Top

Elegant and modern, these vanity tops will complement any bathroom. You will be amazed by a look and feel of natural marble stone. Each marble vanity top comes with pre-installed centered oval ceramic sink with overflow, and 61" wide vanity top even comes with 2 vanity sinks offset by 15" to the center of each sink from both sides of the top. Every size is available with 4" or 8" straight pre-drilled faucet spread for installation of a bathroom faucet


  • Centered pre-installed single white oval undermount ceramic sink
  • Over flow integrated in ceramic sink
  • Finished and Polished front and sides
  • Square edge profile
  • Overflow included in ceramic sink


  • 4” or 8” spread straight pre-drilled faucet holes
  • 4” back splash included
  • Pre-installed double white oval undermount ceramic sink (61" Vanity Top Only)
  • 15” off set to center from left to right, right to left (61" Vanity Top Only)

Available Sizes:

  • 25" x 22"
  • 31" x 22"
  • 37" x 22"
  • 43" x 22"
  • 49" x 22"
  • 61" x 22" Double Bowl 

Black Granite
Black is a very stylish granite that makes any vanity area look more modern and fabulous. Black color and crystalized particles gives this granite a look of dark night. The glossy surface sparkles during any type of light changes. Decorating around black vanity top is easy and will always look stylish. Black granite vanity top makes any bathroom look graceful. This stylish granite looks like an onyx night with sparkling stars from the crystalized stones. This granite vanity top comes with pre-installed ceramic sink and 4” back splash.

If you have any questions about our products or availability, please feel free to call 610-750-7872 and our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions! We look forward to serving you!

Pricing and inventory subject to change without notice. Measure twice purchase once! ALL sales final.


Blue Gray Granite
Blue Gray Granite Vanity Top has a very unique color pattern. Different shades of blue and green, white, black, gray shows out the natural stone. This granite brings charm to the vanity room. The gentle crystal particles show a soft sparkle that brings a touch of luxury. Decorating around this granite vanity top will be easy and the results will scream beauty. Blue Gray Granite vanity top shows a modern charm to a bathroom. This granite top comes with a pre-installed ceramic sink and 4” back splash. For nicer look you may choose to add a side splash. This granite vanity tops make any bathroom look stylish and modern, it will also serve you a lifetime.

Granite Vanity Tops
Starting at $169  Each


  • Natural granite stone
  • Polished surface
  • Pre-installed ceramic sink
  • Pre-drilled holes for faucet installation
  • Back-splash included
  • Individually packed in styrofoam and carton box


  • 3/4 in thick natural granite stone
  • Front-to-back size: 22 in.
  • Width available from 25 in. to 61 in.
  • Pre-installed white ceramic sink 14 in. x 17 in.
  • 61 in. wide granite vanity top comes with two pre-installed ceramic sinks
  • 4 in.  backsplash is included
  • Side splash can be purchased optionally